Well she’s ready to burst … but she managed to hold out with work to the very end to maximise her maternity leave. So Christmas and New Year will be work free … but I am sure that she will have her hands full here at home (probably for me too)!

Now she just has to keep her legs crossed till mid-October wink

It was a grand sunny day indeed! Originally, I was nervous about the run as I wanted to set a good recorded time (sub-55 minutes). However, with Anita, Angie, Richard, & Gabs to escort me to the run and prove cheering support at the start, as well as when I crossed the finish line, made this run more memorable than any of my previous runs.

I am truly grateful for their motivation that helped me achieve the sub-55 minute timing (just) … less for the reason that they wanted me to do well and more for the fact that every minute was coming out of their shopping time in Meadowhall! Well, they certainly let me walk off the run long enough in Meadowhall.


It was so great to have the family involved in such an occasion, that I hope that next year more members of the family sign-up, so that we can run together and break my 54:47 minute record!

Anita, Angie, Richard, & Gabs … thanks for the memorable weekend!

Love JJ xxx

Oh what a wonderful feeling … walking into the new baby room for the first time with the ‘baby blue’ wallpaper and the beautiful baby furniture to compliment it. Just being in the room brings this whole experience even more alive and signals to us that we are one more step closer to meeting our son! It is such an amazing sensation!


On the downside, I am a little upset that he has a better bedroom than us. I suggested to Barbara that this will become the boy’s room. However, I feel that will not be accepted.

My boy … I love you dearly xxx

What better way to start the launch of our new family website! Joint in celebration with a family member … Natalia Bottomley!!!

Hey Natalia! We wish you a fantastic birthday! When I have worked out how to share this blog, you will know that we were thinking of you today!

Love JJ & Barbara xxx

With the expected arrival of only the third male ‘de Haas’ to be born in 84.5 years, all activities are focused on getting his new home in shape. Of course, that does not mean that I would not be distracted and build a new website instead!

However, all is for a good cause. With this ‘blog’, I can update everyone with news of the pending arrival … as he is eagerly kicking to get out!

After that, I hope that we are able to track family events and news … once I have worked out how to properly use this blogcast stuff!