In the words of Meatloaf “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”. I am of course referring to back my New Year Resolutions for 2008.

Resolution 1: Faith
Not only did I achieve my personal best times for both the ‘Great Yorkshire Run’ and ‘Great North Run’, thanks to the family and friends, I succeeded raising a whopping GBP 1,573.00 for the Brain & Spine Foundation!
Status: Sorted! smile

Resolution 2: Hope
Well I thought that winning the lottery in 2008 was a dead cert. Maybe I should have been a little more specific, as the few Euros that I won did not quite give me the satisfaction of winning that I was looking for. Needless to say, as 50% of the proceeds goes to charities, I expect that we donated a fair amount. One question … can I declare my ‘donations’ via the lottery as tax deductable?
Status: Deferred to 2009 and rephrased as winning lottery jackpot sad

Resolution 3: Love
As I stated, this for me was the easiest resolution, to love Barbara (despite being a Scorpio woman) and Nathan even more than I did before. Especially for both Barbara and myself, Nathan has been a wonder to watch grow and develop. Still my mind cannot always absorb the fact that he exists and he is my little boy … and he is already one years old!
Status: Sorted, but ongoing! smile

So what does 2009 have for me in terms of New Year Resolutions? Well … I will make it a bit more challenging this year:

Resolution 1: Get the fireplace built, so we can finish off the living room.
Resolution 2: Get a new car for Barbara.
Resolution 3: Win the lottery jackpot to pay for Resolution 1 & 2!

To family & friends … have a very prosperous and loving 2009!