Exactly one year ago, something very special happened to me. Actually, it began 9 months before that, but that is another story.

If I put all the wonderful things together that has happened to me in my life (and that is a lot!), it would not come close to the little package that I held tightly in my arms on Wednesday 10th October 2007. That package was something that I had been waiting for for 5 years, 8 months, and 3 weeks exactly … a new pal!


The look on my face says it all. The most incredible sensation … holding my son … now I can truly understand how my father felt, especially since he had two daughters first!

That look/smile has been plastered on my face since Day 1. When looking back through the photos, I recognise the look in my own eyes … even though in some pictures, Nathan’s look is more like ‘Of all the fathers, in all the towns, in all the world, I end up with him.’


But as the minutes turned in hours, which turned into days, which turned into weeks, which in turn turned into months, we reestablished the ‘boys’ club! We travelled together, ate together, slept more or less at the same time, chilled out together, watched tv together, and had great times playing! Basically, we just did what we were best at!


And we continue to do what we are best at!


But today, Friday 10th October 2008, we pay tribute to a special little boy who turns ‘1’! And there was no shortage of recognition of this momentous occasion! His very first birthday table was brim full!


Of course, no birthday would be complete without Leija-ma’s special chocolate cake. Even though Nathan was unfortunately too young to appreciate the cake, Daddy had sufficient appreciation for the both of them and without hesitation continued to put the cake in a safe place … namely his stomach!


Present time could not be put off any longer … Daddy had waited too long to play with his son’s new toys … in a supporting role of course! Present after present after present, made Nathan’s eyes just grow bigger and bigger!


One thing we do know is that he is a real ‘de Haas’ … wheels, steering wheel, and other car accessories are the basis of a good present! Even at such a young age, it is remarkable how absorbed he gets when a car is placed in front of him!


Ultimately, two presents were a real success (even though one was well used before Nathan got his hands on it – Auntie Angie knows what I am talking about). I will not say from whom they were from, but that trip to Marks ‘n’ Spencers did the trick!


Oh yes, I nearly forgot, exactly one year ago, something very special happened to Mummy too.

Happy 1st Birthday my boy! Love Daddy & Mummy xxx

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