\The Great North Run (21.1km) is just 3 months away, with the Great Yorkshire Run (10km) being just 2 months from now! The Naarden Vesting Run (14.5km) in May helped prove that I am still able to run further than the end of my driveway!

Hannah has opted to move to the other side of the planet to escape this punishment. Talla has opted to do work rather than run along side me. Gabby … what can I say? What a girl! Faithful, trustworthy Gabby is still in the running with me for the Great Yorkshire Run! Bless her!¬†wink

This week I am starting with my campaign to diet & exercise to reverse the damage of Florida! I am also starting my fundraising campaign:


I would really appreciate it if the family would give me a good start … please share this link with your friends too to help me raise money for the ‘Brain & Spine Foundation’.