No I am not going to write about Angie’s babbling. I do not have time, nor sufficient disk-space for that!

But on the day after Nathan’s christening, we got some great pictures of Angie, Nathan, Barbara, and myself enjoying the great weather on the Blaricumse heide!





Mmmm … not a bad looking ‘de Haas’ bunch!

Sunday 20th April 2008 was a special date for us. Firstly, it was the birthday of my grandmother. Secondly, it is the date that is exactly between my father’s birthday and Barbara’s father’s birthday. But most importantly, this day marked a special occasion in our family. The baptism of our son, signifying the beginning of his journey with God.





My son, as God said to his son, I say onto you, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”


Thanks goes to my family and friends who helped make this day very special for us!

I can’t get my head around it … my boy is already half a year old … 6 months!!!

And at 6 months, I have the most wonderful smiling, 70cm, 7500g, bouncing boy!

In the picture below, he is modeling his latest outfit … making him look so grown up!


He is the most perfect little boy and it is so much fun to see him develop his on little personality … and his quirks:

[1] As at 5 months, when he is hungry … he is HUNGRY!
[2] Now started experimenting to find that ‘just right’ sleeping position!


In true ‘de Haas’ style, the bubbles flowed in celebration!

Happy ½ Birthday my little coconut! Love Mum & Dad xxx