One cannot go to Florida and not mention the shopping. With so many female members in our family, it is import to emphasise the shopping … the endless shopping … the discounts … the discounts on discounts … the foreign’s discount card on top of discounts on discounts … the incredibly cheap dollar … and that’s just for starters!

So how does shopping work for women? It is a very complex formula that I do not understand, but it factors in:

  • The need to rent an enormous car to cope with the luggage & shopping.
  • Turning the villa into a Macy’s department store with purchased items, items to be returned, items to get price adjustments, & items that may or may not fit in the suitcases at the end of the holiday and may have to be returned (I think that is all the catagories Barbara mentioned).
  • That each person can take 46kg of luggage excluding carryon luggage.
  • Actual total luggage weight (including carryon luggage) on the way home was 162kg!!!

So how does shopping work for the guys? Just walked into Abercrombie & Fitch (better known to JJ as Applecrumble & Fudge), bought everything I liked and was done for the whole holiday.


Anyway, just for the girls … a few pictures of shopping …





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