This morning, Christmas Eve, I logged into my blog for the first time in 305 days according to the welcoming system message. I even had to re-read my last entry to remember where I left off … ah yes … my little boy’s first steps! Little did I know at that time that Nathan’s mobility would result so quickly into walking, running, climbing … absolute chaos … and dropping me off on the doorstep of Christmas! So where has the time gone?

The lack of entries this year in no way reflects Nathan’s jet-setting lifestyle! Indeed, his footprints have not only displaced the dust around our home, he has also left his footprints in Florida, Finland, Hungary, and England!


So quick run down on the year …

Florida: Food, shopping, & friends! Very simple, but very good!

Finland: Food, shopping, & family! Also very simple, but good for the sole!


Hungary: Barbara’s grandma’s 85th birthday! Oh yes … food, shopping, & family!

England… As James Last put it … save the best till last! Last bit of food, shopping, & family! Nice …

And that takes us up to Christmas! So the question is, has Nathan been Naughty or Nice?


Santa had no option but to declare Nathan … nicely naughty! I am proud that he has achieved so quickly the same status as his father and grandfather!

So to wrap up this blog entry … we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love JJ & Nathan & Barbara xxx

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